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my name is whitney.
instagram & twitter: soofullofwhit

I may or may not be drinking a margarita four loco out of a wine glass, which is definitely the best four loco out there.

But this is just all up in the air.

*writes a whole bunch of thoughtful stuff*

*deletes everything, says nothing or something stupid that isn’t funny like i hoped*

lol ya’ll wish you were as chill as me

feeling so lonely but like i shouldn’t talk to anyone

i think i should just start scheming and come up with the perfect crime, rather than waste time standing in all these line’s at colleges and offices, like yo, you think i give a shit about this shit doe? drop off the face of the earth, become on outlaw that you wish you never saw.

so i was all like, yo, why is that sun thing by tumblr at the top of my dashboard? and then i held my cursor over it and found out, it’s like technology answers all questions these days.

why the fuck are there no black emojis? and only three that are not white?

lol i need to start sleeping more

But I don’t wanna wait today for something that might never show it’s face again

it’s hard having rich friends when you’re in that broke life.