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my name is whitney.
instagram & twitter: soofullofwhit

I am sorry that people have done things to hurt you, to hurt other people…
I am so sorry…
but I am not one of those people (most likely, depends on our personal circumstances)
Please don’t lump me in with those people because of something trivial
Please don’t lump people together…
Everyone is so damn different and it hurts so much…

But it also puts the light inside me

We are our own, here to build a world for ourselves

I really wish I could provide everyone with my life commentary. I think people would be a lot happier listening to me all the time… I’m fucking hilarious

if u dont like my blog, u can go suck one of my followers dicks…cause i bet they would like it…

lol everytime i see people post those funny, yet self pitying posts about staying in for the weekend i always have to take a second to be like oh yeah, its saturday! and then another minute to be like, oh yeah people usually do stuff on saturdays!

sometimes i like to just scroll through my tumblr  bc i really like my taste


Whenever I used to play robot unicorn attack I had this whole other side plot going on in my head. I pretended that the obstacle course thing was the most popular sport for unicorns and a really big deal to everyone. The one I was playing as, was new to the school and in gym class they had to do the course. my unicorn was a natural at it but didn’t try in class cause they were shy, but then snuck into the school at night and used the obstacle course and beat everyone’s high score and then got caught by the gym coach. So the coach made my unicorn join the team and train really hard instead of a punishment. Then everyone was awed and in love with my unicorn cause my unicorn was winning all the tournaments and won new computers for the school.

Lawd, please send me a bad bitch 🙏

If you’re too insecure about being shorter than me, than yous a pussy not getting dis pussy

Lol yeah dont know if any of you guys were aware or care, but i’m almost 6’

I’m a bit of a hypochondriac because I think part of me hopes for there to be something wrong with me, something terminal. The idea of living until I’m 80 is exhausting.

Lol I did it. I made a twitter. Go follow me! @soofullofwhit

So I think I might make a twitter…but am I funny enough? Yes. Do I actually want to succumb and have another social media account? Maybe. Do I have time for a twitter? No. I think I’m gonna make one… Should I cross over to the dark side?

how about me and your girlfriend, you wit it?

having car trouble from the comfort of my own driveway